The Benefits of Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

Amazon’s brand registry program helps brand owners protect their brand identity and also access enhanced marketing features in the Amazon marketplace. 

Amazon brand registry helps you gain control of brand representation, gives you access to powerful search tools, and proactive brand protection. This ensures that your hard-earned brand won’t be defrauded by Amazon hijackers or those who list and sell your products, and your brand will be represented in the way it was intended to be. With Amazon Brand Registry comes many benefits but we will also explain how to get a registered trademark before you get started.

What are the benefits of registering your brand with Amazon? 

Proactive Brand Protection from product ‘hijackers’ 

Product hijackers will often list your registered products on their page and in many cases, list it for a cheaper price. According to Amazon, Over 1 million bad actor accounts were stopped before they published a single listing for sale and over 3 billion suspected bad listings were blocked before they were published to our store”. Amazon’s brand registry will help you take control of your brand’s product listings in order to ensure your brand will be represented in the way it was intended to be. Here is a list of protections put in place by Amazon

  • Product listings that aren’t for your brand and incorrectly use your trademarked terms in their titles. 
  • Images that contain your logo, but are for products that don’t carry your brand name.
  • Sellers shipping products from countries in which you do not manufacture or distribute your brand.
  • Product listings being created with your brand name when you have already listed your full product catalog on Amazon

If a problem arises regarding any of the above mentioned, you will be able to monitor these cases and dispute as needed. 

You can even decide who sells your brand 

Any brand registered with Amazon can decide who sells their brand according to these criteria: 

Sellers who… 

  • Sell their products under their brand name
  • Are manufacturers
  • Are private label brand owners
  • Produce white label products
  • Distributors who have the authority to own a trademark’s content in Amazon

These criteria do not apply to individuals selling in the collectibles, both new and used, category or sellers who sell in the video, BMVD, DVD, media, or book categories. 

Brand Sponsored Advertisements 

Headline ads that you see at the top of your Amazon search results page are Sponsored Brand ads. These ads can be a great way to get in front of your consumer base with your brand’s logo and custom messaging. It can also draw attention to your brand when customers search for your products or products that are similar. 

Control of product listings 

Regular Amazon seller’s listings are confined by stringent requirements put in place by Amazon. When you are brand registered, you have access to Amazon’s ‘A+Content Manager’, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content. This allows you to add additional text and images to your product listings and, in turn, boost your sales and give your listings a more professional look. Here is a complete list of what product listing settings you have control over: 

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Product ID as opposed to UPCs and EANs

How do you get a registered trademark? 

It is important to understand that this program was designed for brands and sellers who already have an active registered trademark. 

First, you’ll need a unique name and logo. Trademarks of the same name cannot exist so you’ll want to check the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) website and search their database to ensure your name is available.

Next, you will file your product into a certain class, much like categories on Amazon. Classes range from yarns and threads to machinery products; whatever you are selling you’ll be able to classify it. Costs for trademarks vary per class. 

Finally, you’ll want to appoint a trademark attorney. Brand Registry Trademark offers online sellers a comprehensive package that includes USPTO trademark application filing, examination, registration, and more.

Note that these are steps to registering a trademark in the US but requirements vary from one country to another. Same with Amazon Brand Registry, as you move forward, be sure to check Amazon’s Brand Registry requirements as they apply to your country’s marketplace.

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