Trademark Application

Brand Registry Trademark is second to none at trademark application.  Our trademark attorneys have successfully worked in hundreds and thousands of trademark evaluations and applications, leading to registrations.  We are experts at the legal process of trademark application.

Federal trademark application is a legal proceeding governed by United States statute and federal law.  While patent examiners at United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) need only have a bachelor’s degree, USPTO trademark examiners must be attorneys with a juris doctorate (JD).  This is because trademark applications must meet many legal requirements and criteria to register.

Many lay trademark applicants can figure out how to put requested information in a trademark application form and then file it.  However, it is documented that fewer have the skills to successfully navigate the process to obtain a trademark registration.  The expertise of a skilled trademark attorney representing the trademark applicant can make a big difference.

The USPTO states that

Attorneys who are familiar with trademark matters represent most applicants. Before ever filing a trademark application, a trademark attorney can conduct a more comprehensive search for potential problems with your use of a proposed mark than you will be able to conduct. The attorney then can counsel you regarding use of the mark, recommend whether to file a trademark application, and advise you on your likelihood of success in the registration process.

It is for good reason that the first question on a trademark application form is this:

Is an attorney fiilng this application?  (YES) (NO)

Significantly, studies prove the benefits of using an experienced trademark attorney in the trademark application process.  For example, Stanford conducted a study on trademark application and found that DIYers who have filed fewer than ten (10) trademark applications (quite a few, we think, for a DIYer) have a forty percent (40%) chance of successful trademark registration.  In contrast, an experienced trademark attorney—meaning one who has filed thirty (30) or more trademark applications—has a sixty percent chance (60%) of successful trademark registration.  In our experience of hundreds and thousands of trademark applications, that chance of success easily reaches eighty or ninety percent (80% – 90%).

But don’t take our word for it.  Here is what some of Brand Registry Trademark’s clients have said about their prior experience trying to register their trademarks:

Todd Nelson, Brigham City Outdoors (an outdoor goods retailer) says:

Not fully understanding the trademark process, I tried to save a little money and apply for a trademark on my own. Not only was my trademark rejected, but because the process is so slow, I didn’t find out until later that year when I had already started producing inventory under the applied-for mark. I definitely recommend using a trademark attorney!

Kurt Frome, (a children’s products retailer) says:

In trying to save money upfront, I have lost several months trying to get the trademark through on my own. I don’t recall the online trademark service offering help to get the categories right, etc. On the initial application. It seems they are almost setting you up to fail. In hindsight it’s wiser to use an attorney to begin with.

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