Brand Registry Trademark isn’t just a trademark firm!  We also have experienced, registered patent attorneys.  We help online sellers evaluate whether their products or packaging may be patentable and how to best protect them through patent application, patent prosecution, and patent issuance. Brand Registry Trademark prepares, files, and prosecutes provisional, non-provisional, design, utility, international, and foreign patent applications.  We also provide patent analysis and opinions and assist online sellers in enforcing their patent rights against infringers or defending them against claims of patent infringement.  Below is a list of just some of the kinds of patent work that we do.

Prior Art Searches

A prior art search is a search for and review of inventions that may affect the patentability or infringement risk related to a proposed product.  Prior art searches are often necessary to help potential patent applicants and their counsel determine whether to pursue a particular product or patent.  Prior art searches may also be used to find the prior art necessary to contest the patent rights of others.  Brand Registry conducts expert prior art searching so that online sellers can have the information they need to make the best decisions for their businesses.

Patent Application, Prosecution, and Issuance

Patents can protect your business and inventions from competitors and reduce your risk of infringing on the rights of others.  Patents can also increase the value your business, deter competition, and attract investment.  There are different types of patents that can protect different facets of your products and inventions.  For example, utility patents can be obtained for functional-types of inventions like processes, machines, articles of manufacture, or compositions of matter that are deemed new, useful and non-obvious. Design patents protect ornamental (non-functional) designs, including shapes, configurations, and layouts across all types of products and industries.  Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications can start the process of protecting your inventions globally.  Provisional patent applications are a way to begin the utility patent process, then conduct market testing for a year, without having the expense of a full-blown patent application. Brand Registry Trademark works with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and its examiners every day.  We prepare and file all types of patent applications and succuessfully prosecutes them to issuance.

Patent Infringement Opinions

In the process of developing new products, there is risk that a proposed product will infringe on others’ patent rights. One way to reduce exposure to liability is by obtaining an infringement opinion from a patent attorney.  If a particular product is important or a known patent holder has an exclusive or semi-exclusive market presence, it can be critical to get a patent infringement opinion from a qualified patent attorney.  Patent infringement opinions are also helpful to provide the information required to design around the legitimate patent rights of others.  In many cases, an elaborate opinion may not be needed.  Often, an attorney can make a quick determination of whether there is a risk of literal infringement so that you can move forward with your business. Brand Registry Trademark has the expertise to evaluate patent rights and provide affordable patent infringement opinions.

Patent Disputes

In the dynamic environment of online sales, patent rights are often asserted and defended against.  The outcome of patent disputes and patent infringement allegations can be rapid in online platforms and can determine the fate of online sellers.  Brand Registry Trademark is in your corner.  We help enforce patent rights against unlawful patent infringers and defend against claims of patent infringement using strategies honed from our years of experience with the USPTO, in federal courts, and with businesses in the marketplace.

Contact Brand Registry Trademark today to work with a registered patent attorney for prior art search, patent application, infringement opinions, and in patent disputes.