Affiliate Program

Want to earn some dough?  We are uniquely positioned to compensate you for referrals having intellectual property needs.

We reward referrals.

Other attorneys can’t.  

Brand Registry Trademark is based in Utah. In August 2020, the Utah Supreme Court pioneered changes in the rules that govern Utah attorneys and law firms. Now Utah attorneys can pay referral fees to nonlawyers! This is currently prohibited of attorneys in all of the other states. See, e.g., ABA Rules 5.4(a) and 7.2(b). So, Brand Registry Trademark is proud to lead the legal field with its affiliate program rewards. Now you have even more reason to send us your friends and acquaintences with need for outstanding intellectual property legal services!

Our rewards are categorized into three tiers:

Tier 1 Rewards

$100 for each successful referral.

Brand Registry Trademark will pay you $100 for each third-party referral that leads to Brand Registry Trademark’s successful engagement.  Third-party referrals do not include businesses in which you have an ownership interest.  Successful engagements: (i) are formed following Brand Registry Trademark conflict checks; (ii) are at the discretion of Brand Registry Trademark; and (iii) require that the third-party referral make any required advance payments or retainers for agreed-upon third-party referral legal services.

Tier 2 Rewards

10% of future fees from the referral.

If your third-party referral consents, Brand Registry Trademark will pay you ten percent (10%) of all future legal fees (not including costs, expenses, filing fees, etc.) paid by the third-party referral to Brand Registry Trademark for as long as the third-party referral remains a Brand Registry Trademark client.

Tier 3 Rewards

Discounts on future legal fees.

If third-party referrals prefer not to consent to Tier 2 Rewards, Brand Registry Trademark will apply an ongoing referral fee in the form of a discount to your future legal fees (again, not including costs, expenses, filing fees, etc.).  Contact us for details.

All aspects of the Referral Rewards Program are contingent on and subject to any and all relevant Brand Registry Trademark conflict-of-interest determinations, as well as the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct.  The Referral Rewards Program is void where prohibited and subject to change.  Brand Registry Trademark reserves the right to decline representation for any and all reasons, including as set forth in the governing engagement letters, the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct, or work capacity limitations.  Tier 3 Rewards are not redeemable for cash.  Qualifying Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards may be paid up to sixty (60) days following collection from third-party referrals.  Disputed rewards determinations will be evaluated in good faith, but ultimately decided at the sole discretion of Brand Registry Trademark.

*Flat fee includes: (a) an initial consultation of up to thirty (30) minutes; (b) one comprehensive U.S. federal, state and common law trademark search and report; (c) one opinion and recommendation based on the search results; (d) a follow-up consultation of up to thirty (30) minutes regarding search results and filing strategy; (e) preparation and filing of one trademark application (for up to three [3] classes); and (f) non-substantive office action response. Government fees of $275 per class are in addition to the above stated legal fees and due in advance of filing. In some cases, government fees may be less. Statement of use and/or extension attorney and USPTO fees (if applicable) are not included.  

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